A final view of the Masculine Study project

It has been busy, busy here at Abigail Hayden Interior Design! We made it through the holidays and are ready to keep the momentum going through the New Year! I finally had time to take some photos of the Study Project and update you all on the next few projects I have in the works in my following posts.

The Study Project turned out great…and it always helps to have such great clients! I think we all had a great time working together which is now leading me to other project in their home.


Does anyone remember what it looked like before? Great space with great potential….but really? Just a big empty room and my clients were not sure what to do with it.

We filled it with new furniture, piece by piece….

Jacobs Study in progress after paint

We painted the walls a color called Squirrel Tail by Benjamin Moore and immediately the space warmed up!

Then there was the problem with the window treatments….first we were going to just throw them away…but it was such a shame to do that! They were beautiful silk dupioni custom drapes that the previous homeowners had left. The gold tones were not really in our plan.

Jacobs study 6

Then I found this pillow! An inspiration! Could we keep the drapes? Could we make it work? We had them cleaned while the room was to be painted…we put them back up after the paint was done and they looked great!!! We saved a ton on the budget by doing this and my clients were happy! I also had the idea to mix in more gold metallics in the lamps I purchased to balance out the gold in the draperies! Perfect!

Jacobs study 2

 I also had the idea to mix in more gold metallic with the lamps I used on the sideboard and on the desk to balance out the gold in the draperies! Perfect!

jacobs study 7

We also decided to keep the chandelier. In the beginning we discussed maybe an antler chandelier because my client was worried the current light fixture was not appropriate for a masculine study. In the end, we decided to keep the light fixture and add a few antler accessories here and there. The chandelier does have a rustic quality that really ended up working towards our goal.

Jacobs study 3

And I can not forget the lanterns! The funny thing is, one of my clients loves them while the other took some convincing but I think they have grown on him. They add a rustic charm to the space, that’s for sure!!! We just scattered  a few here and there. When the candles are lit it really warms the room.

jacobs study 5 jacobs study 8

We did end up going with the campaign desk, which has sides that can extend out for extra work space if needed. It really has become very functional for my client when he works from home. The dice boxes on the desk top are a fun little accessory because he sells board games for a living. We are still planning on getting him a new desk chair….we just haven’t found the perfect fit for him yet.

Jacobs study 4

So here is the finished project…..What do you think of it? Could you work from home in this space?

 Jacobs study 2    jacobs study 9    jacobs study 1


The masculine study project is coming together!!

Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog the past two weeks. I took a little Fall trip to see my family at our cabin in the Pocono Mountains. It is so beautiful up there in the fall….I came back with some inspiration for sure!

My study project is in a home here on the lake but, very different than my house. The style of my home is more ‘lake cottage’ while, this one is a bit larger, on a heavily wooded channel, and it was built as a custom family suburban home. When designing a room, you have to make sure your are keeping the style of the home in mind. That is why we came up with more of a ‘masculine lodge’ look for the study, but my clients are young and pretty trendy, so we wanted to squeeze in a bit of the ‘Industrial Chic’ style they are drawn to.

Last night I stopped by to see the progress.

175 177176

The Chairs and Sofa have arrived but we have a lot more work to do!

Love those chairs by the way!!

 We definitely need to add color with throw pillows, need a new paint color and a new desk and end table…..and artwork!

We need to warm up those walls!

img21cimg13c  img77c

On our Thursday meeting, I may suggest some of these pillows from Pottery Barn.

I love Pottery Barn pillows because they sell covers and inserts you can change with your mood or seasonally.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have many moods, so changing pillows is a requirement, in my world!

It gives an entire new look to a room.


We have some blank walls that need to be filled up.

I am thinking a antiqued mirror like this one over the console, flanked with some tall candlestick lamps like I specified in the last post.

I am holding out for an antique brass lamp with a black shade, so we haven’t ordered those just yet.

Some nicely framed memorabilia and a map of Gull Lake were also discussed.


We did order this coffee table last night instead of the black ottomans.

The clients had originally wanted one or two large ottomans in the center of the seating area but, we compromised on this table, which I think will look great and add the rustic quality they like.

Imagine some books stacked on top about Sailing and Golf…..after all, that’s what living on Gull Lake is about!


We also talked paint colors.

The common area of their home is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, so we wanted to play on that a bit…..maybe a few shades darker?


We are thinking about going a few shades darker with Benjamin Moore Squirrel Tail, because the room is large, bright and needs a cozy grey to warm it up.

The beige that exists now needs an update and, the trim desperately needs to be white, to give the room some depth.

I also chose a few other similar colors and we will put samples up to make the choice.

This room gets lots of light, and I have found that this is the safe way to choose a color.

Every color is different and the same color can look different in two separate spaces.


The desk that exists now is too deep so we are going to need a smaller desk.

The client has had his eye on this one from World Market, so I am hoping he decides to go with it.

Well, off to shop for lamps, pillows, paint and artwork!

I cant wait to share the next steps in the project with all of you!

Client’s Masculine Study Project….

A few weeks ago I was commissioned for  a Study project.

001 002 003

This room has great bone structure!

High ceilings and lots of light with new hardwood floors!

It is a blank canvas!

I am so excited to see the transformation!

My client loves a mixture of modern and traditional. He has also expressed some interest in throwing a few industrial looking pieces along with a deer antler or two. I am off and running with ideas.

400af0befb1f177b14eee03a72ced5d2 cd131c1ed72c3f24efc47ae033d943c9 3ebf403a825549d3eb4f5f8e84f7d317

These are some of my inspiration photos.

My vision for the space is painting the walls a darker gray or blue color because the room can handle that kind of drama with the ceiling height and large windows. We will take down the formal drapes and move the chandelier to another room to make make room for a new light fixture.


Maybe an Antler chandelier like this one?


We chose a rug from pottery Barn and it came in last week. The clients love it and so do I! Just need a rug pad…Perfect start!

This photo actually makes me think we keep the table as his desk….maybe paint it? Or do a gray wash?

2f238f7a1889160869f6fabad1169096 683f347556309cd1c8ce78d67dc51047 da68ad8b045ab281da384f2241cf73e4

We ordered a sofa, two chairs and a console. The console is here….I will see it later today. So Excited!

It is all very neutral so we can add color and character with accessories, lamps and pillows.

93cf1e5c1bd6396ff7218f8b6bd27e7a T_WithoutZoom (2)T_WithoutZoom (1)

Today, I am going to present them with two of these ottomans in the seating area, and a lamp option or two….I am thinking brass….envision a library lamp?? I like these from Ballard Designs because they are 40″ high and give us the height we need but need a better shade, for sure. Gotta love Suzanne Kasler! I used to wait on her quite often when I worked in a high end Interior Design shop in Indianapolis….She has fabulous taste!! OK, back to work,  Maybe an apothecary lamp for some task lighting by the sofa?


We are going to talk desk chairs, today as well. My client has some specific thoughts on what he wants for his desk, so hopefully I can come up with a good fit. Wish me luck!

I know right now it looks very black and neutral, but those are just the basics of the room….color is coming!! I promise!

I can’t wait to show all of you the finished project!

Welcome to my new website!

I am so excited to share my new Website and Blog with all of you. I have an Interior Design obsession and am so lucky I decided to make this my career so many years ago. I love working with people, space planning, using my creativity, and making every clients home a personalized retreat just for them.


The quote above is from  Elsie De Wolfe, who is historically known as the first Interior Designer. She could not have said it better!

So, as you read my future posts, you will get to know me and my personal style.

I plan to share with you what is happening in my own home as well as my clients, some resources and projects!

Design is a process of evolution and I believe its never done……I can’t wait for all of you to take the journey with me!