Abigail Hayden Skwiat


Abby Skwiat is the principal designer and owner of Abigail Hayden Interior Design, located in Richland, Michigan.

Abby has been a residential Interior Designer for 14 years. She has worked in the Indianapolis, Ann Arbor and now, the Southwest Michigan market. Abby lives on Gull Lake with her husband and daughter plus 2 furry four legged kids.

She began her love for Interior Design at a very young age, spending weekends antiquing with her mother along the coast of Lake Michigan or, endlessly rearranging and repainting her bedroom. She attended Purdue University and obtained a degree in Interior Design. After college, she moved to Indianapolis, where she got her first job working with a designer, who began to mentor her with her 30 years of experience designing high end homes in the historic district of Meridian Kessler. She then moved on to work as the primary Interior Designer for a high end home furnishing store, where she obtained experience in design for clients but also secondary practice in purchasing inventory through wholesalers. Through that experience, she was contacted by a residential home builder to provide Interior Design Services to their individual clients in their Design Center.  During this time, Abby’s daughter was born. Even though she has been a busy mom and moved to a new state, clients continued to pull her back into design with special projects.  Over six years ago, Abby and her family decided to move to Gull Lake to renovate a 1960’s cottage. She is excited to share the renovation progress with you and her design savvy.



2 thoughts on “Abigail Hayden Skwiat

  1. Trevor Smith says:

    Good morning Abby, my name is Trevor Smith. I recently started The Stoney Lake Company with my wife and we create faux Steel I-Beam fireplace mantles and shelving. I received your name from Shelley at Gull Lake Living when I met with her several weeks back.

    When Shelley and I were talking about her magazine and what The Stoney Lake Company does, she mentioned that you may possibly be interested in incorporating a steel aspect into some of your designs every now and again?

    So I just wanted to reach out this morning and say hello! We offer 6′, 7′ and 8′ mantles standard, but, we definitely welcome custom orders. We can do radiused, chamfered, mitered, s-shaped, etc. I am working on some sample pieces now that will showcase our capabilities as well as a few different color schemes. We are mainly doing the faux rust look on all of our pieces, but we will be offering the red primer finish as well as a more natural steel look with less patina.

    If you are ever in down town Kzoo, we just recently got our first mantle display completed and it is installed in the Kalamazoo Fireplace & Grill Shoppe just a few blocks back from the Radisson Hotel near The Up & Under Bar.

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to meet at anytime to discuss any particulars should the need arise. I have attempted to send some pictures to your email address but it keeps telling me that http://www.abigailhaydeninteriordesign.com is not recognized? Do you have another email address that I could send some pictures to?

    Thank you for your time!!

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