Well, it has been a long time….


It has been a long time since I had the chance to update my website. Why? It is all good things I promise!! My business has grown tremendously in the last 6 months! I just actually scrolled through all of my old old posts and I cant even believe how far I have come in two years of working full time here in Richland/Kalamazoo! Time has flown by!


Last spring it was very evident to my husband and I that I needed to move out of my home office. I had taken over the entire study we shared and the garage with fabrics samples, wallpaper books and client furniture that needed to be delivered. My house is not that large….space is a premiuim there as it was, so it was time to start looking for that perfect design studio.

After my friend and realtor took me to go look at some seriously ugly spaces….you know its bad when I look at it and have no idea how to fix it in a reasonable budget, We finally found the right one right here in Richland. Lets just say, my budget is not large…..Contrary to popular opinion, Interior Designers don’t make much so I needed a low rent place to keep the overhead low.



Yes, folks! This is what my 800 sq. feet looked like the day I got the keys! My kiddo called it Ketchup and Mustard….yuck! But, I saw the potential and it is on a small lake….great view from all of my windows. The building is also filled with female owned small businesses! Love that! And as time has gone on, we seem to support one another….owning your own business can be really lonely, so its nice to have that community to draw advice from.

The space was an old artists studio which would have been fine but she did metal working….total mess! Then, it was a laundry area for the spa next door. The space was neglected to say the least but I got to work on transforming it.


The first week of construction we had a flood! Yikes!!! But, thank goodness nothing was in here and we had the problem fixed.

As the weeks went on, I had my painter spray the ceiling black, which looks waaaaaay better then a icky drop ceiling plus I gained more height in the space.

Nick and I painted the walls and hung all of the halogen track lighting. I had to remodel the space at my expense so we tried to save everywhere we could.


My contractor built me a custom unit to hold all of those fabric and wallpaper books. We painted it and he put a black laminate top on it. Then we painted all of the floors a matte black to give it a clean look.


When all of the signs when up, that is when this dream became official! That was probably the day when after all of this chaos and work, it hit me! I have my own studio!!!

It wasn’t until after Labor day that I officially began working from my office every day….that seems like so long ago! So now here I am in mid November, and I cant imagine my business before it! It’s all mine….it is so nice to meet with clients here! I have all of my resources at my fingertips!

ahid desk

Today this is what my office looks like (excuse my messy desk area), but it literally changes every day. Inventory rolls in and out which is exactly my intention.

Right now, I am decorating for Christmas….I will be hosting my Holiday Open House and Grand Opening on Dec. 2 from 5-8pm. I can’t wait to show all of my friends and clients who haven’t been here yet what a great space this has become!


I have to say it was worth all of those days when my poor kiddo had to sit here over the summer and help me or play games on my phone! My Studio has helped her learn about having a job too….after school and on weekends when we are here she does my filing. I pay her in candles….we have a sweet arrangement!

I am so glad I took the leap….this is exactly what my business needed to grow!



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