I may be obsessed…..

Ok, for the last few years I admit, I have had a Pinterest obsession.

I can not imagine life with out it…..what did we do before it?

How did I find recipes or random household tips to help me get out red wine or clean my brick floor in the entryway?

I love the organization it provides all of my random projects and my “someday” DIY ideas!

I use it as a tool with my clients, which also makes me wonder what I did before it?

I can shop and gather ideas for clients, and pin them to a board that they can pin to also….instant communication and organization!!

Love it!

So, my other obsession now is Olioboard.

I can make virtual design boards for projects that include the paint color, furniture, fabrics, wall paper and lighting from various vendors or you can upload your own!!

I really could have used this during my college years when I was cranking out design presentations weekly.

Back in the old days, you bought the foam core to cut, paste and pin all of your ideas to…..and your grade depended on perfection! I can remember the word “craftsmanship” used over and over by professors until my fingers bled from the Exacto knife.

Now, its all done virtually with link to where each item can be purchased. We have come a long way in 14 years!

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So today, I organized all of my design ideas for my lake cottage Master bedroom and bathroom renovation.

Thanks Olioboard for organizing my thoughts!