A little secret to stay on budget….


Today, I have a little design rant! I am sorry, I cant help it.

So, I know everyone flips through the Pottery Barn catalog , Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware or whatever your home decor retail catalog of choice is, and drools over all they have to offer.

I admit, I get sucked in too!

Most of the time people pay the extremely high mark ups because they think it will make their room look like the room in the catalog photo.

Newsflash, Pottery Barn knows they have you sucked in!

If you shop other online retailers you can get the same item at a lower cost.  At the very least, try to get a coupon code. I never pay full price for anything and hate to pay shipping!

These rooms you see are also styled by visual merchandisers. Why do you think  all of the walls are almost always white in each vignette? They want to sell you the product and the product to stand out….but do we really live like that?


Quit painting your walls washed out colors because Pottery Barn says so!

I think  it is OK to use these large retailers for a few items but the web offers us so many more bargains.

I can literally buy the same rug that is $400 at West Elm for $200 just by doing some research.

Today, I proved that! I found a basic jute rug for $360 to put in my study. I did a bit more research and hit my favorite rug resource, Rugs USA.

The same rug with free shipping coming to my door was $120! A sisal rug is a great design basic and you can use it just about anywhere!

Another favorite site of mine is Joss and Main. You can find fabulous furniture, lighting and accessories for half the cost all shipped straight to you.

The other benefit to this site is that these items are a bit more rare and grouped sometimes by designers or bloggers so you can stay on trend.

One Kings Lane is another site that has great stuff, not always at the lowest price, but more original, that’s for sure! They also have collections done by famous designers grouped for ease of shopping.

Did you know that you can find tons of artists with affordable original artwork on Etsy?

I love Etsy!!


I also buy pillows and bedding there or fun prints like this one in our study! I paid $20 for it and framed it myself….perfect sentiment for the way my husband looks at life.

My point is this…You don’t want to walk into your neighbors house and you all have the same lighting from Pottery Barn or the same knobs from Restoration Hardware….especially if you live in a subdivision and all the houses are the same.

I think good design shines through when its original to the owners of the home, not to what everyone else is doing.

So don’t be afraid to be original!

Think outside the box!

Buy it because you love it, not because it comes from Pottery Barn!


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