Today, I am obsessed with wallpaper!

So, today, I had a meeting with a new client.

I am so super excited about this specific client because this project is going to get me out of my element. Instead of the typical residential client, this one is commercial…but way more fun than your standard office project. This is a high end clothing retail store for women and men!!

I love to shop for clothes and, consider myself an expert in that area so, what could be better?!?!

While we were discussing the scope of the project, we touched on wallpaper a bit.

This got my wheels turning!

There are two fitting rooms, one for the men and one for the women. They are both the same and located in the same general area, which I felt could cause confusion for shoppers.

Why not make them gender specific with wallpaper?

So, after my meeting,  I hit Douglas and Sons, my favorite stop for paint and now, wallpaper. Who knew I would spend 2 hours in there and leave with stacks of books!!

I am on a wallpaper “roll”!!


radiant orchid paper

I don’t have a project for this specific pattern (yet), but my all time favorite brand, Thibaut, just came out with this new book.

I wasn’t so sure about Radiant Orchid when Pantone announced this was the color of the year but, in this paper, I looooove it! I am going to be begging a client to have the guts to use this soon….or convince myself I need to work it into my own home.

I love Thibaut!!!


So, then as luck would have it, I found another book that contained this fabric and corresponding paper that another client and I had seen in a photo on Pinterest.


I have a meeting with her tomorrow….this Thibaut book is also coming home with me!

Thank You, Emily A. Clark for the photos of your fabulous house, by the way.

So, what about my new client? The retail store?

Well, that one has been a bit of a challenge.

We need Bold!

Not something you would ever put in your house….

190 196

The photos above are some prospects. We are thinking accents of Tiffany Blue??

3d4a0c6e303d64518f111e4209c216e6 587abdb5d874b6594a9e2ad055d2f776

But Maybe something more bold??

The Stripe for the Men’s side and the Damask for the Women’s.

Keep in mind, these are much better in person. Digitally, they lose their luster!

I have a picture in my mind of what I want but unfortunately, it hasn’t come to me yet….so the wallpaper hunt goes on!

And I am enjoying every minute of it!!


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