Client’s Masculine Study Project….

A few weeks ago I was commissioned for  a Study project.

001 002 003

This room has great bone structure!

High ceilings and lots of light with new hardwood floors!

It is a blank canvas!

I am so excited to see the transformation!

My client loves a mixture of modern and traditional. He has also expressed some interest in throwing a few industrial looking pieces along with a deer antler or two. I am off and running with ideas.

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These are some of my inspiration photos.

My vision for the space is painting the walls a darker gray or blue color because the room can handle that kind of drama with the ceiling height and large windows. We will take down the formal drapes and move the chandelier to another room to make make room for a new light fixture.


Maybe an Antler chandelier like this one?


We chose a rug from pottery Barn and it came in last week. The clients love it and so do I! Just need a rug pad…Perfect start!

This photo actually makes me think we keep the table as his desk….maybe paint it? Or do a gray wash?

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We ordered a sofa, two chairs and a console. The console is here….I will see it later today. So Excited!

It is all very neutral so we can add color and character with accessories, lamps and pillows.

93cf1e5c1bd6396ff7218f8b6bd27e7a T_WithoutZoom (2)T_WithoutZoom (1)

Today, I am going to present them with two of these ottomans in the seating area, and a lamp option or two….I am thinking brass….envision a library lamp?? I like these from Ballard Designs because they are 40″ high and give us the height we need but need a better shade, for sure. Gotta love Suzanne Kasler! I used to wait on her quite often when I worked in a high end Interior Design shop in Indianapolis….She has fabulous taste!! OK, back to work,  Maybe an apothecary lamp for some task lighting by the sofa?


We are going to talk desk chairs, today as well. My client has some specific thoughts on what he wants for his desk, so hopefully I can come up with a good fit. Wish me luck!

I know right now it looks very black and neutral, but those are just the basics of the room….color is coming!! I promise!

I can’t wait to show all of you the finished project!


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