I am a big fan of “Upcycling” and/or using what you have in your home to redecorate a bit.

“Upcycling” is basically taking something you would throw away and making it new again.

Maybe that means re-using it for its original intent or, re-purposing it, to make it something else entirely.

This inspires creativity and it is easy on your wallet so why not have fun with it?

This time of year always gets me motivated to make a few changes here and there….maybe some big changes too, but with my daughters activities, we don’t have tons of time right now to take on huge remodeling projects. We usually save those for the dead of winter when we can’t enjoy the lake.

So this past week, I wanted to update a few things.

Frame redo1 - Copy

I began with these pictures.

When I bought them 12 years ago, I was in my ‘English Country Phase’ and they were cute botanicals.

I do remember they were kind of pricey because, back then I thought you had to spend more to get a high end look. I have had them in every house we have lived in but, now I am just over it!

They need to change…..

frame redo4

I will reuse the frames and rip out the old print! Hmmmmmm? New prints or photos?

frame redo2 - Copy

Oh yes!

I bought these vintage ‘Paint By Numbers’ this summer for a total of $8 at an antique store…..do they fit?

Sure do but, I need to add matting….off to Hobby Lobby I go!

frame redo3 - Copy

So excited!

They look great!

It cost me $8 for the paintings I bought in July, $3 for the matting and it took me 10 minutes to change them!

Instant new art!

boat pics

Don’t they look great?

Next item on my list is this wall in my Family Room…..I need to do a Wall Collage here I think?

I hate this big blank wall that faces the lake!

It is just screaming for something fun here.


I have an old oar, the sign you see, some old photographs I can display and maybe a wall shelf?

Gotta start brainstorming….

053332b2d4c4834af079f1ba80b5c60d d167d914dcdbb69e5baaf794dc50665515d6f864862608b9db8a48dd5d27bee7

I need a porthole mirror to reflect light? or a clock? Or a vintage sailing poster?

Love me some Pinterest for ideas!

framing project

I do have these old postcards that I ordered off Ebay?

Vintage Gull Lake and happen to be from the camp that was on the very spot where our house stands!

framing project2

I know I can work them in but they are going to need frames….off to Hobby Lobby again!

I think I may have $18 in each framed postcard plus a piece of local history!

framing project4 framing project3

They look great, but I need to do a bit more shopping.

I am obsessed, by the way, with these barn wood frames.

This is the third time I have used them in my house. Each one is so different and they look so vintage!

Love them!

Off to do some more Upcycling……Lets see what I can come up with for this room?


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